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Tanisha Taylor Jones

has created an environment for families and for their children to learn and grow into productive young citizens. Our mission at Beyond The Books Academy is to provide a fun filled, family oriented, academic atmosphere.

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Raising the Bar

for a better


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Toddler Time 

All the toddler fun without the daycare commitment. Have your toddler join us on an as needed basis for a fun filled, half day of social time, music and movement, arts and crafts, outdoor play and more. Toddlers can drop in as space allows Monday through Thursday from 9am to 1pm.

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Toddler Academy

Our toddler prep class is catered to introducing young learners to the world around them in a fun, upbeat environment. With a high emphasis on physical and fine motor development, BTBA learners are sure to grow fast as we creatively find ways to peak interest within their curious minds.

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 Preschool Prep

Our preschool prep class is catered to creating independent learners who take pride and responsibility in their work. With small teacher to student ratios, students are given the opportunity to develop and grow both academically and socially.


 GA Pre-K

Georgia’s Pre-K Program is a state lottery funded educational program for all age eligible four-year-old children in Georgia. The purpose of Georgia’s Pre-K Program is to prepare children for success in Kindergarten and later school years.

Our Pre-K program operates on the Cobb County calendar for the length of a typical school day and follows all school year breaks.

Yes We Are. . .

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We Are Here To Help

Our Pledge....

 Information about Enrollment 

Registration Now Open...

We are open Monday ~ Friday

7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Check our calendar for availability

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